App for caregivers.

Registered nurses (RN), licensed practical nurses (LPN), and certified nursing assistants (CNA) can choose when and where to work from the Ushealthcarenurses mobile app.

How to get started?

We are aware that nurses frequently look for jobs that align with their knowledge, values, desired location, and professional objectives. Our platform consequently offers in-depth insights into the specific requirements, obligations, and expectations of each role. We offer images and an intuitive user experience to make things simple to use and communicate. Our platform is bilingual in English and Spanish to address linguistic barriers and challenges.


The first stage requires nurses to sign up for accounts and join our community of knowledgeable healthcare nurses.


Look at a variety of positions that fit your qualifications and professional objectives.


We offer a competitive pay structure. After joining the service, you can immediately begin receiving your payment after the job has been approved.


After deciding on an appropriate position, start the process of giving extraordinary services to patients.


Properly identifies caregiver locations for logging in/out, time, and attendance paperwork. Additionally, it records every piece of visit data required for EVV compliance.

Encrypted messaging

Staying connected is now easier and safer than ever thanks to encrypted messaging. Our new messaging tool is HIPAA-compliant and improves the ability of your team to collaborate and deliver care.

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