HIPAA-compliant chat

For your agency to be successful, communication is key. Effective communication is essential for the better understanding among workers. Communication with internal and external workers has never been easier (or more secure!) thanks to our two-way chat tool.

What's the process for Ushealthcarenurses Chat?

Start Conversation

From the Ushealthcarenurses site, start a conversation with a caregiver or group of caregivers.


The caregiver will get a notification on their mobile device as soon as you send the message.

Use of mobile app to chat

The caregiver can then access their mobile app in a secure manner to read the message and reply.

Safe Chat

With an emphasis on your privacy and peace of mind, take advantage of our risk-free, private chat services.

Reduce the risk of data security

The Ushealthcarenurses secure messaging function complies with HIPAA, Canadian PIPEDA, and the Australian Privacy Act of 1988 It also enables PHI data residency and control of client information storage. The feature is secured by TLS and AES256 encryption. Be assured that sensitive client information is secure.

Increased cooperation between agency workers

With effective communication within your Health care agency, you may improve clinical processes, protect patient privacy, and raise the standard of care and safety for your whole business. Care staff members can communicate instantly and securely with one another wherever they are thanks to encrypted messaging.

The advantages of secure messaging

Secure texting within the app

Use our direct or group in-app messaging to quickly reach caregivers and inform them of last-minute schedule adjustments.

Compliant with HIPAA

By giving your team instant messaging that complies with health information privacy laws, you can rest easy knowing that crucial information is kept secure۔

Strengthen care teams

With instant messaging that retains communications for up to six months, you can keep your entire team up to date on the status and continuity of your client’s care.

What does caregiver chat do to comply with HIPAA?

Ushealthcarenurses Chat is the first HIPAA-compliant two-way chat tool for the health care business. All conversations are encrypted and require a secure login to see. A multi-step verification method is used to create caregiver logins, assuring the security of the data. This is a fantastic substitute for non-HIPAA-compliant communication methods like text messages.

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