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EVV: What it is?

Electronic Visit Verification is a system used to electronically verify when health services are provided to the individuals who are receiving assistance. It helps in detecting the fake visit counts which claims transparency between the client and the provider. As part of the 21st Century Cures Act, EVV is mandated by the majority of states for State Medicaid providers.

Benefits of EVV

Real-time monitoring

Caregivers’ activities and visits can be monitored in real-time, allowing agencies to track the care delivered, and identify any deviations from the care plan.

GPS Geofencing

With the help of GPS, agencies can ensure that the visits happen at the designated locations and enhance security.

Capturing Electronic Signatures

Each visit is carefully recorded using electronic signature capture, which provides concrete proof that the visit happened.

Accurate Documentation

The EVV program ensures accuracy in the documentation of carer visits, tasks completed, and time spent providing care.

Improved billing and reimbursement

The accurate documentation provided by EVV software ensures that billing is precise and reflective of the services rendered.

Enhanced Efficiency and Productivity

EVV software includes communication features, allowing real-time updates between caregivers and supervisors.

Ushealthcarenurses EVV software

Experts used highly verified techniques to design and build the EVV software. It is very modern and easy to use for everyone. Most of the caregivers in the US use Ushealthcarenurses EVV and enjoy its benefits.

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Adhering to state EVV regulations

Open State EVV

In states having an Open State EVV model, Ushealthcarenurses eVerified EVV solution is a wonderful fit for healthcare agencies. All government EVV regulations are cleared by the modern EVV technology used by Ushealthcarenurses.

Closed State EVV

Vendors and aggregators having, state-assigned EVV – Talk to us, we can help!

Some states have chosen to hire a particular vendor to supply the EVV component for the Medicaid clientele. Many popular EVV State vendors like Sandata, Tellus, HHAeXchange, etc. have an integration with Ushealthcarenurses.

Let’s connect and check our collected state-by-state database to find out a way in which Ushealthcarenurses can help your state according to the State Medicaid EVV solution requirements.

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